Player Application Instructions and Requirements
New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA)

These instructions are intended for new travel coaches who have not produced player/coach membership cards (player passes) in the past.  Every team must have a pass for each player and coach.  The pass includes a picture of the player or coach that the referee will view before each game to validate the team and prevent a team from using players outside of their roster.

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In 2010, NJYSA required all teams to register with  This system is also used to produce state rosters.

Detailed instructions for this process after the jump.

Player Pass Packet Checklist
This Completed Checklist Must Be Attached When Submitting Your Package For Review!


(EBSC Coordinator will NOT review package without this checklist attached).



Initial that the following is done:

(suggested that another person check for you)


Initial that it is completed


Birth date is accurate on the roster (ensure you use birth date…not filing date).


Player Passes

Info on pass is printed in correct location


Photo is attached or printed (If attached, need to be on the back in the upper left hand corner)


Membership Form

Membership forms are signed by parent and player


Player pass number is listed on Membership form


Include membership form for each coach.


Medical Form

NJYSA Medical form is included


Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates are all included and legible.


Coaches License

Include copy of “F” license (or higher) for each coach         


Sage Forms

SAGE forms are signed and included for player, parent and coaches


Travel Policy

Last page of travel policy is signed by each player and parent and included



Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

Certificate of completion from online course available at



Forms are clipped together by group – all Membership Forms compiled together, Birth Cert, Medical Forms, SAGE forms in one bunch.



Team Name­­­­­­­­­­­­


Contact person (include name, telephone and email address)




Do you have any players playing up?

If yes, has the VP of Travel approved this situation? 

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