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EBSC COVID Protocols

EBSC COVID Protocols

If your school or other sports ogranization says you need to stay away for any amount of time, please notify EBSC. You must observe the quarantines put in place. This include family units. Siblings of players that are under a quarantine are also required to abide by the same quarantine. 

COVID Prevention Management

· Social Distancing

o Separate pick up and drop off points have been identified

o All drills will be individual and within a predefined 10yd by 10yd box

o Players will not utilize benches or commons areas but be assigned a cone in a area with at least 6 feet of separation

· Face Masks

o Face masks to be worn by all coaches/trainers, parents, and staff at all times

o Parents are being advised to remain in their vehicles while waiting on the players to return. Parents will not be allowed to linger near fields nor watch from the bleachers at Heavenly Farms.

o Player must wear a face mask to and from the field. It is optional during the training session

· Health Screenings

o Player checklist to be performed prior to training sessions

o Parents to check players temperature prior to training. Anything over 100.4 will be reports to the team coach and the player held out

o Attendance (via Teamsnap) will be taken at all sessions for contact and tracing purposes if needed

· Communication

o There will be weekly updates to parents through email blasts, Teamsnap updates, and various social media platforms

o Should the need arise, all parents will be notified directly if there is a chance of illness be spread to a team

· Disinfection and Sanitization

o EBSC is acquiring hand sanitizer stations to put out on the entry and exits to the field for the players and coaches to use.

o Coaches will disinfect equipment after every use.

o EBSC will disinfect all benches and high traffic areas before and after each use.

o EBSC will disinfect and sanitize snack bar hourly on all high touch surfaces

o EBSC is sanitizing the restrooms at both Heavenly and Dideriksen Park, every 2 hours and limited the number of people allowed in at one time to four (4).

· Program Operation

o Currently all programs will operate under the Governor’s Return to Play rules.

o All social distancing will be enforced and followed

o Field to be spaced out

o No sharing of equipment between players

o No sharing of water jugs or bottles Coaches will be the only ones allowed to touch any training equipment

o No sharing of any balls, gloves, or water

§ Parents should sanitize all equipment prior to and after training sessions

o Players are responsible to bring personal hand sanitizers as well

Determinations should be made relating to any staff members or players that may have been exposed to the virus and may need to take additional precautions. Notification relating to this potential exposure should be made to the parent or guardian of each player and each staff member. Confidentiality must be maintained. These potentially exposed individuals should quarantine for 14 days and self-monitor for symptoms.

Potential Exposure to COVID-19

Individuals (staff members or players) who have symptoms upon arrival to program events or who become sick during an event should immediately be separated from others by a designated staff member equipped with personal protection face mask and non-latex gloves. Pick-up arrangements should be made based upon the emergency contact/s of the staff member or player. This aims to ensure that the staff member or player receives safe transportation to his or her home or to a healthcare provider.

The facility, in most cases, does not need to be shut down although any items touched by the sick person should be disinfected. Waiting 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting these items is recommended to minimize potential for assigned staff members for being exposed to respiratory droplets. Continued cleaning and disinfecting of all high-touch surfaces within the facility is also advised.

Any and all issues or concerns should be directed to EBSC President Dom Mastro @ ebcoachdom@gmail.com









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