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Field Schedule (Travel & 3M)

Field Usage Schedule

All fields are first come, first serve and can not be reserved unless there is a pre-approved Scrimmage or a rescheduled game that was approved by the Travel, Girl’s, or Boy’s Rec VP in advance. Below will be updated as requests come to the VPs for approval and confirmed. Please monitor this link to ensure that you are not planning a practice on a field that has a game scheduled on it.


At no time should a U7, U8, U9 or U10 team be training on the Turf field. You must use one of the grass fields for your team practice.  If you are on the Turf you may be asked to leave.

Field Permits
Spring 2017

Here are the field permits granted to EBSC for Spring 2016

  • Warnsforder Weeknights
  • Frost School--Weeknights
  • Frost School--Weekends
  • EBHS--Weeknights
  • EBHS--Sundays
  • Heavenly Farms​
  • Turf A: Weekends 8AM to 9PM, Last games will be 7PM. 
  • Turf A: Weekdays, 5:20PM to 9PM
  • Turf B: Tuesdays, Thursdays (5-8:30 p.m., U-12 and under)
  • Turf B: Weekends (periodically)

All Coaches should print out and retain a copy whenever using the fields, in case there is any dispute with another organization.  Note that EBSC’s permits may be limited in scope to certain dates and times - see the below chart (and link to Turf schedule) for more details.

Please Note:


No other groups or individuals are allowed to be on fields during EBSC permitted time slots.  Should any issues arise, please contact the EB Police at 732.390.6900.  The police will send the Park Ranger to resolve the issue.

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