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10 Questions with Dom

10 Questions with Dom

10 Questions with Dom!!

This is the first attempt at this sort of thing. I figured I could  experiment on myself before torturing someone else. 

 I wanted to bring to you why people like myself and others in the club do what they and. I hope to inspire someone else to come and get involved and see what an impact they can make. Not only on their lives, but also the boys and girls of our club!

Name: Dom Mastro

I have lived in East Brunswick since 2001, having moved down from Bayonne with my wife of 25 years and our 3 kids. I grew up in Belleville after moving from Brooklyn when I was 5. So, let the questions begin.

1. Did you grow up playing soccer?

a. No, I grew up in North Jersey in a time when soccer wasn’t as big as it has become. I played baseball, football, and basketball. Throw some tennis in there, but it was the other three that I played throughout High School. I played softball and football into my early 40’s on competitive teams.

Basketball was extremely helpful to me as I learn the beautiful game, many movements were similiar. 



2. How long have you been involved with EBSC?

a. I gave been involved since 2007, coaching Superstars, and then coaching U10 girls and U7 boys. I moved with my younger daughter and coached her travel team for a year and then became an assistant on her team. I coached my son’s U9 team and stayed with them until last year, finishing at U16.


3. How did you get started in EBSC, who got you involved?

a. My oldest daughter and son got started in the program. I offered to be an assistant with son’s team, having not played soccer before I thought it would be a nice way to get going. The VP of Superstars called me and I actually answered my phone for some reason (remember land lines??) She convinced me to take a team because I would have some help. I said let him coach and I will help, but I was talked into it and I have never regretted it



4. Current Board position?

a. I am currently in my second term as Board President



5. Previous Board positions if any?

a. I started off as the VP-Purchasing. I moved from that position to VP-Girls Rec, which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I became the VP-Travel for a few years, I also did a year as the VP-Registration prior to becoming President. All-in-all, I have been on the board for the last ten years



6. What has been the biggest change you have seen since you got involved with EBSC?

a. To me the biggest change has been the rise of the “Academy” world of soccer. These pop up academies have some parents not really understanding things and moving from club teams like we have here at EBSC. These cause club towns to struggle for numbers or being able to field competitive types teams. They can pull from larger areas then towns clubs like ours can.


I get why some parents are drawn to them. There is no mommy or daddy ball being played and sometimes, but not all, there may be some talent around the players. But too often you become a number. Many teams over-fill the rosters and that means not all the players can play. But I think, and it my opinion not the believe of EBSC, all these types of clubs/teams coming around has had a detrimental impact on the soccer community.


7. How do you work with all the other sports and clubs in town?

a. EBSC has a great relationship not only with the town but with the other sports in town. We actually meet, all the sports programs, 4-5 times a year to talk and see how we can make things better for everyone. It is the Coalition of Athletic Organizations (CAO) and we all talk about any issues our programs have and we find that many share similar issues.



8. What would you tell someone that was looking to get involved?

a. I would tell them to speak with any board member, a coach, find me at the fields or a general meeting. We can always use help, and it doesn’t necessarily mean we need someone to coach (though we surely do need coaches). But I have enjoyed the time not only with my children, but the other boys and girls I had a chance to make an impact on. The parents I would not have met otherwise. It is truly amazing to see the grow of your own child and being involved in the development of others.


In my house and on the teams I have coached, I have told the players (my kids) that soccer, or any sport, can and should be used as a metaphor (and yes I had to explain to them what a metaphor is) for everything they will face in life. Dedication, respect, teamwork, time management, sportsmanship, and the ability to have some fun are important things to take away from soccer and use as you get older.


9. How much longer do you think you will be involved?

a. I don’t know. I still enjoy doing this and being involved. I enjoy being at the fields and coaching when we need an extra hand. Not going to lie and say it is always great, but I know the good times out-weigh the bad ones and it is not even close.


Whenever it starts to be a drag I am usually reminded, while standing at the fields, while the sun breaks through the fluffy clouds, and shining down on me like a sign (cheesy right?) and I hear the laughter of the superstars, the giggles of the U7’s, the U10’s growing into the game, and the U12 really getting their competitive games flowing and I realize that I am truly crazy for staying here when I could be sleeping 😊. But honestly, I enjoy it and would find it hard to stay away!


10. Finally (even I find this long and it is about me 😊), Can you share a story or event that has happened to you won’t forget?

a. I have so many things that have happened. But what I have enjoyed most, whether my kids played in EB or not, was the rides to and from games and training. Many times it gave me some excellent one on one time with them.

With my oldest, she left EB at 11 and went on the play on some very high level team, we would travel to games or tournaments. We would go early and watch other games before she played.


With my younger daughter I got to coach her until she was U14. Then she started to play with her sister, but before that it was her and going to practice and games. Having lunch or dinner on the way home and talking.


With my son, it was almost always a car load of boys. Seeing them grow from the little U9 players to where they are now, many towering over me but still calling me coach!


I have memories of coaching U10 and U12 teams recently and seeing those players and parents at the fields. Getting a chance to talk with them and seeing them continue playing. All good




So, this was the initial 10 Questions with Dom. I doubt many have made it down this far, but if you have drop me an email ebcoachdom@gmail.com, and let me know what you thought. I want to start doing these every few weeks with all the board members and I will also try to get some coaches involved.


I look forward to seeing you all at the fields!!

Dom Mastro









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