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EBSC Travel Tryouts Information

Field Location

The Address for the fields is Heavenly Farms Park, 440 Dunhams Corner Road, East Brunswick. When you turn onto Heavenly Farms Park, drive straight to the end of the road were there will be a car park located in front of fields Dideriksen 6&7.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your tryout start time. This is so that we can check players in and start on time.

When you arrive:

·         When you arrive, there will be a check in desk at fields 6&7 with two volunteers checking the players in.

·         When you are checking in at the desk you will be given a player number that has already been pre-assigned to your player.

·         The tryouts will be held on fields 1,2,4 and 5.

·         All parents must remain on fields 6&7 until their child’s tryout is over and they are sent back over to their parents. This is so the players don’t have any added pressure during their tryout.

·         There will be a volunteer helping players to locate were their tryout will be and which coach they will be taking their tryout with.

Schedule, Field Locations and Coach.

Thursday April 19th & Tuesday April 24th

5-6pm –

-          2010 Boys – Field 1B

-          2009 Boys – Field 5

-          2011 Girls – Field 4

-          2010 Girls – Field 1A

6-7pm –

-         2011 Boys – Field 4

-         2007 Boys – Field 1B

-         2009 Girls – Field 1A

-         2008 Girls – Field 5

7-8pm –

-          2008 Boys – Field 1A

-          2007 Girls – Field 4     

Saturday 21st April.


-          2005 Girls - Heavenly Farms Turf A

11-12pm –

 -         2006 Boys – Heavenly Farms Turf A

 -         2005 Boys – Heavenly Farms Turf A

5-6pm –

-         2006 Girls – Field 4 or 5

Please ensure to keep reminding yourselves of the schedule, field your child will be on and which coach you will have taking your tryout on the day.

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