East Brunswick, NJ
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Awards Day & Season Survey

June 21, 2008

  • Location:  Chittick Elementary School (5 Flagler Street - see map below)
  • Times
    Superstars 9:00
    Boys U7 10:30
    Boys U8 11:00
    Boys U9-10 11:30
    Boys U11-12 12:00
    Girls U7 1:00
    Girls U8 1:30
    Girls U9-10 2:00
    Girls U11-12 2:30
    Girls U13-18 3:00
  • Uniforms:  wear your uniform jerseys, but do NOT wear soccer cleats - they are not permitted inside the gym/auditorium.   
  • Program:  Each division will have its own presentation of awards/trophies, followed by a short slide-show of photographs from the season.  If you arrive prior to the conclusion of the division before yours, please be considerate and do not disrupt their program. 
  • Pictures:  the photographs taken on Picture Day will be distributed to your coach at Awards Day for distribution to you. 
  • Absences:  If you cannot attend Awards Day, you will need to coordinate directly with your coach to pick up your trophy and photographs

If you have not yet completed a Spring Season Survey with your feedback, please click here for a copy of the Survey, then print it, fill it out, and hand it to us on Awards Day.  Thank you.


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