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EBSC COVID-19 Update 10/5/2020

Date: 10/5/2020

To: Coaches and Parents of East Brunswick Soccer Club

RE: COVID Procedures

Parents, first I hope this message find you and your family in good health. We have enjoyed 4 great weekends so far and are hopeful to get the rest of the season in. Thank you to all those who have followed our requests and suggestion. You are making it possible to continue with our programs and allow the children to keep playing.

If you are requested by your child’s school or religious study group, or if you have been notified by someone (or a contact tracer) that you had a close contact and need to quarantine for 14 days, please let me know as soon as possible. We need to determine the extent of the “bubble” we must create and who we need to notify to also quarantine. Your name will never be revealed by EBSC, board members or coaches to anyone except the Middlesex County Health Department should they need to set up contact tracing. If you choose to identify yourself that is up to you and will be supported by EBSC.  

I wanted to remind you all that if you are self-quarantining  as requested by your child’s school, or your family has been in close contact with someone who has COIVD and you are doing it out of an abundance of caution you must abide by the 14-day period. This 14-day period begins with the date of the contact and ends after 14 day (which means day 15 is the day to return to activities).

You should not, in any way, be violating this 14-day period to take part in any activity at all. Families that violate a quarantine request will be subjected to further quarantine measures and possibly suspension for a duration to be determined. We have children that play multiple sports or take part in different activities, you must refrain from going to any of them until your quarantine period is over!!!

EBSC takes the health of its players and families very seriously. The protocols in place have been done so with the guidance from our county health department, NJ youth soccer, and local/state guidelines. We understand that the children get restless and parents do not want to disappoint them. But we must follow the protocols laid out, not only for your health and well-being, but that of the people around you and their families. The risk is not worth it. So please do not do something that could lead to a complete shutdown of youth activities in our town.

Any questions regarding this email, or any EBSC/COVID/general soccer questions can be directed to me @ ebcoachdom@gmail.com

Thank you

Dom Mastro


Good afternoon all

To follow up on the message below, if you are under any type of self quarantine from work, children from school, or other sports or activities please contact EBSC. EBSC will require you to follow the quarantine recommendations of the other organziation. This extended to siblings living in the same house. The close, indoor contact of a family unit has a higher chance of spread than one of an outdoor event. So please, if one or more of your children have a quarantine, please keep all your children home for the duration. A negative test does not allow for a quarantine to be ended. 

Thank you and stay safe



Good afternoon Coaches, Parents, and Guardians

I am following up on my last email. We had a few players that had potential exposure. They have all been okayed for their return to play.

We have had a positive test result come back for one of our travel players. The exposure happened away from the soccer club. We were informed about this yesterday; the team was notified and will be in a 14-day quarantine. I have reached out to the Middlesex County Health Department and they will be conducting the contact tracing that is required. We have been in constant communications with the team manager/coach and the health department to make sure we do everything we need to do to follow up on this.

I want to remind everyone that if they are made aware that their son or daughter was/is a potential contact exposure case, they need to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of the contact. You should notify EBSC (either me directly or your team’s coach). You should notify the school system and other sports programs that your child attends, but you should not be sharing information regarding anyone else. Even if you know or are asked about another child or potential teams that may have been involved, you cannot reveal details on anyone else. They are private and covered under HIPAA regulations. EBSC will not reveal any names or details except to approved governing bodies (County Health Departments are one of them).

A few quick items:

· Players/Coachesneed to have their health check completed prior to training/games (including taking of a temperature)

· Players and coaches must wear masks from parking lot to the field

· Coaches must wear masks while coaching

· Players can wear masks during training or games at parental request but it is not mandatory or suggested

· Parents, it is strongly suggested that you should wear a mask for the duration of the team event.

· Please follow the flow in and out of the park and turf fields.

· Use the sanitizer stations that are throughout the parks

· Sanitize equipment before and after sessions

· Wash hands thoroughly

Thank you for your time

Dom Mastro










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