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Teams and Fields


Parents (and Coaches):

We have 19 teams of Superstars this season, and due to the great increase in players from prior years, the schedule is just a little bit different than previous years.

Boys teams show up every Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, while girls teams show up every Saturday morning from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.  During each hour session, half of the teams will be on Field 1 learning from our professional UK Elite Trainers, while the other half will be on Field 2 training with their regular coaches.   The following week, the teams will switch places, so if you were with UK Elite on Field 1 the week before, you’ll now be with your regular coach on Field 2.   So you will switch back and forth during the season from Field 1 to Field 2, each successive week.   In addition to the training you are doing with the UK Elite trainers and your regular coaches, we will be finishing off each session with informal scrimmages against whatever team is adjacent to you.   

The following is the list of Head Coaches, together with their designated Team #  You can click on the link for your Team # further down this page to see the specific times, and fields your team will be on.   Your team, plus the 4 or so other teams grouped together, will all be sharing the field each week, so those teams will be your scrimmage opponents throughout the season.

Coach Adedokun Boys
Team #1
Coach Bermudez Boys Team #2
Coach Weinglass Boys Team #3
Coach Duncan Boys Team #4
Coach Palumbo Boys Team #5
Coach Gregkoski Boys Team #6
Coach Espada Boys Team #7
Coach Villalona Boys Team #8
Coach Mastro Boys Team #9
Coach Sheard Girls Team #10
Coach Hannan Girls Team #11
Coach Win Girls Team #12
Coach Levine Girls Team #13
Coach Kurczeski Girls Team #14
Coach Blaustein Girls Team #15
Coach Difabio Girls Team #16
Coach Herbert Girls Team #17
Coach Tkacenko Girls Team #18
Coach Schaffer Girls Team #19


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