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Field Usage Schedule and Process

All fields are first come, first serve and can not be reserved unless there is a pre-approved Scrimmage or a rescheduled game that was approved by the Travel, Girl’s, or Boy’s Rec VP in advance. Below will be updated as requests come to the VPs for approval and confirmed. Please monitor this link to ensure that you are not planning a practice on a field that has a game scheduled on it.

At no time should a U7, U8, U9 or U10 team be training on the Turf field. You must use one of the grass fields for your team practice.  If you are on the Turf you may be asked to leave.

Field Scheduling Process:

1.       At least TWO weeks prior to a game, Go to http://www.ebsoccer.com/field-availability-permits/game-field-request to request a Field.

a.       Note, a time preferred question has been added to the form, HOWEVER, it doesn’t guarantee you will get the time or field you requested, due to permit, ref stack, or other issues

b.      In the comments section, please note if you share a coach and what time their other team is playing, conflicts will try to be avoided, but may not always be possible

c.       If there is a quick need to schedule a game, please, input game request and email field scheduler that a quick turnaround is required

2.       BEFORE notifying your opponent and 48 hours after you request a field, please go to the “Schedule tab” at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eUHTNGvWGiePuquJDcfVyX6xFvi9hMBexvD0qsUXriU/edit?rm=full#gid=373865886 to see what field and time your game was scheduled at, if there is an issue please notify field scheduler via email ASAP.

  • a confirmation will not be sent, the scheduler must be checked

3.       On the Sunday or Monday leading up to your game weekend, you will receive an email that will ask you to confirm your game.

a.       If your confirmation is NOT received by the time noted on the email, it will be removed from the schedule to avoid ref fees of non-confirmed games. Confirmation reminders are not always feasible and your support is required

b.      Confirmed Games will be sent to ref assignor on the Wednesday before the scheduled game, please note, once games are sent to ref assignor, and refs are assigned, the home team is on the hook for the ref fees for any cancellations that happen post ref assignment.

4.       After the refs are assigned, ref assignments will be noted on the “Refs tab” on the Game Schedule file at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eUHTNGvWGiePuquJDcfVyX6xFvi9hMBexvD0qsUXriU/edit?rm=full#gid=373865886



Field Permits

Fall 2017

Click here to view the permits for the fields

All Coaches should print out and retain a copy whenever using the fields, in case there is any dispute with another organization.  Note that EBSC’s permits may be limited in scope to certain dates and times - see the below chart (and link to Turf schedule) for more details.

Please Note:


No other groups or individuals are allowed to be on fields during EBSC permitted time slots.  Should any issues arise, please contact the EB Police at 732.390.6900.  The police will send the Park Ranger to resolve the issue.


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