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Registration is open for Spring 2018

Registration is opened. Click here for link!!


New this season....Early sign up bonus. Sign up before November 30th and recieve a $10 discount ($90 cost). Regualr club prices are in effect starting Decemeber 1st ($100).

Q: What group does my child beloing in?

A: If you click on the link to the left it has the age group matrix. 

Q: What is the cost of the program and what is included?

A: Our recreational soccer program is $100/season and includes a jersey. Our Superstars program for ages 4-6 also includes a size 3 soccer ball.

Q: What is the Work Bond?

A: A work bond program is a program where each parent submits an additional fee for each child to the league upon registration. After completing volunteer assignments, the fee is returned to the family.  The fee for this year's work bond is $100.  If you know you cannot volunteer, you have the choice to buy-out of the work bond up front, for $75.  Otherwise, please select your volunteer preferences. It is your responsibility to make sure your work bond is fulfilled, or you will be charged the $100.  Please note that Assistant Coaching or TOPs volunteering does not fulfill work bond requirements.

Q: What is the T.O.P.Soccer Program?

A: T.O.P.Soccer stands for "The Outreach Program" and is US Youth Soccer’s community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities. The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl who has a mental or physical disability.  If your child is not special needs, please select either our Superstars program (ages 4-6) or our recreation program (ages 6 and up)

Q: My child is not special needs.  Can I enroll for the T.O.P.Soccer program?

A: No. The T.O.P.Soccer program is only being offered to build community awareness of this exciting opportunity!  Please select either our Superstars program (ages 4-6) or our recreation program (ages 6 and up) and pay the standard registration fee of $95.

Q: How long is registration open?

A: Registration will remain open through Janauary 31st.The club will have a late registration that will extend from February 1st until February 15th. Late registration will include an additional $35 charge. Please register timely and do not delay past February 15th or you will not be placed on a team!

Q: How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

A: Super Stars is the the program for the youngest of soccer players. For the Fall 2017 season, your child must be born by 12/31/2013 1to be able to play.

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: Season begins March and ends in Early June.

Q: What is the schedule?

A: The game schedule will be released in the end of February.  Recreational games are played on Saturdays while the travel program plays on Sundays.  Practice days/times are determined by the head coach and will be communicated once teams are formed.

Q: I am interested in volunteering my time.  How do I let EBSC know?

A: When you register, you can opt to volunteer as a Head Coach or an Assistant. Please consider doing so.  You can also select if you want more information on Field Maintenance or Snack Stand Duty. For T.O.P.Soccer, special training is required.  Please reach out to our T.O.P.Soccer director Frank Harris with any questions or for more information on that program.  Please note that Assistant Coaching or TOPs volunteering does not fulfill work bond requirements.

Coaches Needed:   We strongly encourange you to consider registering as a head coach, or an assistant.  The Club will take steps to assist you if you are just starting out.  Our Club continues to grow in enrollment, and we MUST have additional coaches to meet those needs.

Q: What is the refund policy for the Spring 2018season?

A: Refunds requested before Feburary15th, 2017 will be given a full refund.  Refund requests between February 16th 2018 and 14 days before the start of the season will be subject to $15 processing costs.   From that point up until opening day, there will be 50 percent refund.  No refunds will be given after opening day.   LATE FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  For refund request, please email  VP of Registration with the following information:  Player’s name, DOB, and reason for request.

If you have any other registration related questions please contact VP of Registration.





Registration for Spring 2010 Recreational Season Now Open


Online registration for the Spring 2010 Boys Recreational, Girls Recreational and Superstars programs is now open.   By clicking here to begin the registration process, you are affirming that you have reviewed and agree to the information below.  Registration will close on January 15, 2010, and there will be no late registration period.    Please do not email the Club requesting special accomodations if you miss the deadline.
The following chart indicates by birthdate where your Recreational child will be placed for the Spring 2010 season:
Born Aug. 1, 2003 - July 31, 2005
Superstars (Boys and Girls)
Born Aug. 1, 2002 - July 31, 2003
Boys U7 or Girls U7
Born Aug. 1, 2001 - July 31, 2002
Boys U8 or Girls U8
Born Aug. 1, 1999 - July 31, 2001
Boys U9/10 or Girls U9/10
Born Aug. 1, 1997 - July 31, 1999
Boys U11/12 or Girls U11/12
Born Aug. 1, 1994 - July 31, 1997
Boys U13-15 or Girls U13-15  **
Born Aug. 1, 1991 - July 31, 1994
Boys U15-18 or Girls U15-18  **
**  Although U13-18 may continue to be formally grouped as a single age division, the Club will continue to attempt to form teams into U13-15 teams and U16-18 teams, and played against comparable aged teams in neighboring towns.  
  • Registration Fee & Work Bond:  will remain $65 per player.   If three or more siblings are registered with EBSC for the same season, you will receive a 50% discount beginning with the 3rd child.  This discount may not show up immediately, but instead may be issued later after verification by the Club.   A reminder that all families also must be willing to satisfy their $50 Work Bond through volunteer work, if requested (see EBSC Work Bond Policy).
  • Questions:  If you have any questions about the Recreational Programs, please first review our Recreational FAQ, also accessible from the Recreational League page.  If your question remains unanswered, please email the appropriate VP (contacts for all Recreational VPs can be found on the Recreational League page).  If you are having difficulties with the Registration process itself, please email the VP of Registration.
  • Travel Registration:  Spring-Only Travel is by invitation only.   If your player (U15 or older) has recieved an invitation to join a Spring-Only Travel team, you will be provided with a password by your coach.   Please do NOT register for the Recreational program, but make sure you select Spring-Only Travel. 
  • Coaches Needed:   We strongly encourange you to consider registering as a head coach, or an assistant.  The Club will take steps to assist you if you are just starting out.  Our Club continues to grow in enrollment, and we MUST have additional coaches to meet those needs.  Please make sure that you check the box indicating that you are volunteering to coach for your child in Spring 2010 - you may be checked for prior seasons, but that will not carry over to the coming season unless you specifically check the correct box.  Also, if one spouse is registering the other spouse as coach, please use the coach’s email address as the primary email account.
  • Review Your Data:  please double-check your data entry carefully - each season we encounter numerous delays placing children on correct teams due to their ages or genders being entered incorrectly.
  • Email addresses:   The Club, and your coach, will be contacting you throughout the season using your email address.   It is imperative that you enter your address correctly, and that it is an address you intend to check frequently for mail.
  • Special Requests - although we are maintaining a “special request” box on the registration form, no requests to be with a specific coach or player will generally be considered (with the exception of Superstars, who do not play competitive games).   The first priority of building teams is to make them as balanced as possible so players step onto the field knowing they have a chance to compete in the game, regardless of whether they actually win or not. Losing a tough game may be disheartening, but losing by 5 goals every game quickly turns players off the sport completely.   In addition to that concern, no player is entitled to be with the coach they think is the best coach - if we were to agree that one coach is better than the rest, than you must see that we cannot honor 12 requests for that coach season after season and turn down requests from 12 others for that same coach. We will, however, do our best to honor the following type of requests (though we cannot make any guaranty that a request will be honored): (a) to be separated from a particular player or coach due to personality conflicts, (b) to not be placed on a team practicing certain nights because of pre-existing conflicts, (c) requests to be on the same team as a family member or close relation, or (d) any extraordinary circumstances.   To be clear again, however, the Club cannot guaranty that any special request will be honered.  With over 1,000 Rec players, it is impossible to make any such guaranty.
  • Practice Nights - Each individual team will have it’s own separate practice schedule, as determined by the coach.   The team’s schedule must first and foremost be subject to the coach’s availability, because without the coach there cannot be a practice.  If there are any nights you absolutely cannot make practice, you MUST identify them in your registration - we then can do our best when forming teams to accomodate those conflicts, although we still cannot guaranty anything.  If you fail to list any such conflicts, however, do NOT ask later to be transfered to a new team due to such a conflict - we will not accomodate any such requests after teams are formed.      To be clear again, however, the Club cannot guaranty that your conflicts will be avoided

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